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Beauty and the Beast

Delving deeper into my feminine aspect has been both a journey of bliss and vibrant aliveness and torturous agonizing hard truths.

As I become more transparent in my needs and desires, more honest in my expression of authenticity I have had a to face up to the fact that:

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Opening to Desire

DESIRE: the word for me can conjure up scenes of naughty hidden secrets; red silks blowing in the wind, a large four-poster bed, exotic locations and mystery lovers..Maybe it’s my imagination running away with me, but I link it to erotic pleasures, melted chocolate and candles, it has a devilish feel. To me it has felt a loaded word that somehow evoked a feeling of selfishness, a belief that my desires could come at the expense of others, that I will be judged for this.

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Virgin and the Whore

In my humble opinion and as a woman in the Conscious Sexuality and Tantric Community a lot of emphasis seems to be put on us finding our “inner whore”.

“Connect to Lilith, the wild wanton part of yourself, its just your hang ups and social conditioning that’s preventing you from truly feeling your desire, inside of you is a wild wanton bitch, she is just so trussed up in shame and guilt you can no longer connect to her”

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The Seductive Nature of Collusion

Lets get honest here? I’m seeking to be more honest with myself and I am owning the part of myself that has been doing the following.

I’m wanting to grow this part of myself up, to become more empowered in my life, the following kind of behaviour is no longer sitting well with me or serving me in any way.

Thought I’d share, maybe this resonates with you?

How many of you gossip?

Okay so maybe you’ve learnt not to gossip but do you speak about another in a way you wouldn’t to their face?

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