november, 2018

4nov11:00 am- 4:00 pmAwakening Feminine Sexual Essence- 1 day taster for women


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We have forgotten we are holy.
In the throes of patriarchal rule, we left behind our ability to serve as channels of the sacred.
There was a time in the history of women when we were the means through which men (and likely other women) found their way to divine awakening — through the act of being sexually intimate with a woman.
We — as women — have forgotten we are holy.
Our sexuality is our own.
It belongs solely to us.
And yet, we leave it sitting on the shelf until it’s called for by someone else who wants it.
We have forgotten how to live and breathe as the sensual beings we are, the holy deities of the Goddess we are.
We no longer remember what it is to exude and express that essence beyond the call of our lover to be sexual.
We wait to be desired and wanted as validation of our worth.
Rather than understand the purity of being Woman, we set her aside until another confirms through their desire that we are something to be valued, loved, adored, cherished.
The question I pose to you today is how do we reconnect to that essence?
How do we reclaim our own sexuality in its fullness, in its beauty and hallowed grace?
There are very nice phrases we’ve come to use, such as love yourself first.
Yes, I believe we’re very much remembering how to do that. And I don’t sense this is about loving ourselves.
This is about a fundamental disconnect from our sexuality, from the power of what it is for us as women to own our sexuality, and perhaps even more so from an acceptance by ourselves of who we are as sexual beings.
We’ve become so pure in accordance with societal, religious and cultural expectations, we’ve forgotten who we are.
It’s time to wake up and fully remember who we are as sexual women, as channels and vessels of all that is the Sacred Feminine.
We are the very gateways through which our lovers access the divine potency of true ecstasy.
And we have forgotten.
We must first give ourselves permission to be sexual, to feel sexual, to engage and initiate our sexuality in ways that are new and outside ordinary boundaries and acceptable ways of being.
We must press beyond what we have known and felt is safe in our expression, in our remembrance, in our utterance and crying out for what our feminine essence longs to bare.
This is our time now.
No longer need we fear the repercussion of speaking out, acting out, stepping out on behalf of the heart-womb-body connection.
The stirrings that come from within have too long been silenced in fear, punishment and self-hatred.
Join me for a taster day where we will explore
  • What “Feminine Sexual Essence” is and how it differs to the mainstream goal orientated approach to sex.
  • Learn the powerful embodiment tools of BREATH, MOVEMENT, SOUND, AWARENESS to connect to PLEASURE and fully embody SHE  and your SACRED FEMININE SEXUAL ESSENCE
  • Clear personal and ancestral blocked or stagnated energy from your body, so that you can be a clear channel for your sacred sexual feminine essence 
  • Activate the feminine centre of your WOMB and CONNECT to the ancient primordial power in a Shamanic 7 gates womb ritual
Please note:
This workshop is a gentle taster and exploration into Conscious Sexuality. It is a space for those who identify as female. We will be exploring sexual and emotional energy in this workshop. The workshop is a fully clothed space with no sexual touch or interaction with others.
When :11am – 4pm Sunday 4th Nov
Where : Soma Studios – Tauranga
Price: Early Bird $58 before Sept 28th
Regular $80 after Sept 28th
on the door $100 ( tickets are limited so cannot guarantee door sales)


(Sunday) 11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Soma Studios 586e Cameron rd Tauranga


Ellie Wilde

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Price: $80.00