october, 2018

26oct - 28All DayInvoking the Priestess - Auckland


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Your sexuality is sacred, it is Divine.

It is linked with the force of life that flows through everything.


When we open ourselves up to be a channel and see our sexuality as linked to the forces of nature, we can drop through conditioning that has taught us to stay small, stay subservient and give our sexuality to others.

During this 3 day fully catered and residential immersion weekend you will be given the opportunity to:

**Heal and Improve your relationship with your body.

**Clear guilt, shame and limiting beliefs around your sexuality and your power

** Connect to powerful shamanic energies in the earth to help you to transform and grow.

**Learn about the female arousal system and our difference to men’s, also learn abvout the feminine expression of sexual essence.

**Heal at a cellular level any personal, collective or ancestral wounding around your sexuality

**Experience true sisterhood beyond competition and comparison

**Connect to the potency of your WOMB through the powerful 7 gates ritual process

**Connect to the mystery and power of your moon cycle and menstrual blood with an ancient BLOOD RITES ceremony

**Activate the Temple Priestess in you through ancient temple arts initiation process.

**Experience sacred rituals that help you to connect to your yoni and sexuality as a place of power and deep knowing.

This weekend is an opportunity to clear whatever is holding you back from full embodiment of the Priestess. to reclaim your sexuality as the powerful prayer it is.

You will be guided through a series ritual and ceremony to awaken, activate and full embody your inner Priestess.

She is already whole, Divinely connected and here to serve and awaken the full embodiment of the Divine feminine and masculine energy in humanity.

She understand the sacredness of sexuality and how it is a portal to the Divine.

Once fully embodied her sexuality becomes a prayer, an offering to the Gods/Goddesses and all who are lucky enough to meet her in this space receives her blessing.

During this retreat you will have opportunities to connect deeply with the force of life from the earth that your sexuality is connected to, supporting you to own your sexuality for yourself first and foremost, and to fully realise how sacred and beautiful you are.

You will be gently guided to experience a blood rite ceremony and drop into the ancient mysteries of the blood, healing shame, reclaiming power and activating your deep knowing. This powerful ancient ritual can open a portal helping you to reconnect  to the generations in your blood line where you were linked to the land, when your sexuality was sacred, and honoured, when the seasons, the fertility of the land, and your body were all One in the same thing, when SEX and SPIRIT were not separated.

Experience guided WOMB activations and connect to COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS through this most powerful portal, the portal that effortlessly links the physical with the non-physical, re-awaken and re-activate the potency of this gift.


Join me for this intimate long weekend, 3 days dedicated to healing women’s sexuality and sensuality. reclaim your birthright of pleasure and bliss in your body!

Immerse yourself in the sacred healing power of a sisterhood circle and embody your passion and your power as the radiant Goddess you are!

Price $650

Early bird discount: full payment of $595 before July 15th!

If you would like to pay in instalments please email me, ellie@ellie-wilde.com

Be brave you are worth it …and you are my sister and I need you!

Your facilitator:

Wild child, Essex girl, Tantrika, Sexual Shaman, Poet, Artist, and Mother – Ellie Wilde has been exploring the field of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality personally for the last 20 years and professionally for the last 7.

A Certified Sexological Body worker and Somatic Sex Coach she has trained with the Institute of Somatic Sexology, Chuloquai Quodoshka, and the late World-renowned Women’s Sexuality teacher – Shakti Malan, Ellie also has extensive training and is a faculty member with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

Based in New Zealand Ellie teaches a range of workshops both nationally and internationally for men, women and couples. 

She brings a depth of realness, and authenticity into her facilitation, and it is her personal story from abuse to sexual empowerment that passionately inspires her to support others with their intimate quest for liberation

“I create spaces and places for people to explore, desire, fantasy, pleasure, intimacy, authenticity, being real, and much more. I help people come home to themselves, let go of baggage, and societal roles, demands and conditioning.. some people have called what I do re-wilding…I think its just simply giving people the space to be who they are once they let go of who they are not.”


26 (Friday) - 28 (Sunday)


(location given once registered)

Castle Hill


Ellie Wilde

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Price: $650.00