Warning : potentially triggering
A question out there?

 How many of you can own your predator?

How many of you are unaware of your predatory energy and yet are very aware of it in others?

Therefore how much of the predator in you is actually in shadow?

Its common for the sexual predator to be named in men.

It’s a common thing to hear people (particularly women) complaining that there may be sexual predators at Tantra workshops and it puts them off coming.

A predator is not a problem to you, it will not trigger you at all, you can call it out in others and name it without any charge, and whilst calmly naming your boundaries IF, and its a big IF, IF you have claimed your own!

I have seen the sexual predator particularly in the shadows in women’s bodies.

it’s not until threatened that it will come out and be owned. On the surface its all niceties and everything is beautiful, and there is no competition here. Only love and light.


And how do you think I know so much about the shadow? About this predatory energy?

because I have felt it and owned it in MYSELF!

and actually it is pretty goddamn hot when made conscious and masterfully used to explore passion, inside consent.

Its the ravishing energy 

Here is the dictionaries definition of predator

-one that preys, destroys, or devours
-an animal that lives by predation

Predation is it just me or do you think that word is hot? Maybe I am strange but I kind of like it!

and also Depredate
to lay waste :plunder, ravage
:to engage in plunder

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/depredation – the correct use of the word depredation. Never been turned on by dictionaries but this is kind of doing it for me!

So what is it about this energy that holds so much charge for many?

Its because it is usually unconscious, unowned, unclear. AND more importantly because of this outside of CONSENT.

CONSENT is the key here, thats when it feels good! and if there is no consent for it then name it out loud and clear to stop in it’s tracks! Some people do not even realise when their sexual energy is leaking out all over the place you’d be doing them a favour!

The other time when I have become aware of the predator in me, and this is a hard one to admit publicly but hey what the fuck, I’m all about transparency, authenticity, some may judge me for it, but it’s such a strong value for me and I admire it so much in others that I challenge myself professionally to be as transparent and authentic as I can be.

So yes, as I was saying the other way the predator comes out in me is as a workshop facilitators healer, a session giver, an organiser, operator of events.

I’m seeking prey all the time?

I looking in the background to see where the opportunities are?
Where people need help support?
Where there is an opening for me?
I feed myself from my workshops and my session work with people.
literally it’s what puts food on my table for my son and me.

I love what I do, and I’m pretty well fed, i feel it really benefits other people and yet I have to own that yes I am a predator.

I am constantly looking and seeking where I can hunt for my prey. I am pretty focussed and ruthless in my pursuit of service, and yes I humbly go about my work that from what I can see, and what I am told does really benefit others … and there is my predator in there too.

She is there…..

I actually feel her as a giant cat right now….

At the moment she is pretty happy, licking her fur….

Not hugely hungry….

She’s reasonably satiated

What does your predator look like?

A gateway into your shadow is to see what triggers you in others.

Sometimes its a direct reflection of something unseen and unowned in yourself.

Sometimes there is a hidden inner longing to be more like that, but for whatever reason you have made it wrong in others. Sometimes you admire it in others and then lack the faith that it is within you.

In my experience and from what I have seen through working with these more primal energies -When you ignore this energy within you – it stays unrefined, ferral even, after years of being supressed, denied, shamed when it does come out it is ugly! Think how you would feel if you were supressed denied, shamed, disowned, ignored for your whole life!!?

its best to make friends with this part of yourself, to love it to own it, to laugh about its less evolved ways and to harness and value its power and potency.

We all have a little predator in us!

and its great fuel for our passions too whether they be sexual, creative aligned within our relational world
with our mission in life.

The predator energy is beautiful powerful and extremely sexy when brought into the light of consciousness. I’m not talking about making it all fluffy and light. I’m talking about brining awareness to it.

The energy in the predator knows what it wants and its going to have it.

Its not afraid to reach for it

to take

when the time is right

to full go for it

No holding back

total conviction

now thats sexy to me

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