Sessions for Men

One on One sessions for Men are carefully crafted to suit your individual needs.

We will have firstly have a  consultation session ( 1hr) either by phone, Skype or in person  to establish what your issues or areas of interest might be. Then we develop a tailored package, which is totally geared towards you.

Here are some examples of what one-one session work could include

  • Relaxation and mindfulness education and support
  • Sex and relationship coaching
  • Coaching orgasmic yoga and orgasmic meditation
  • Sexual Healing and empowerment- learn to be more orgasmic
  • Help and support with early ejaculation, erectile issues, and performance anxiety.
  • Wellness support and coaching

Different types of Sessions

Beginner’s session:

If you have never done any tantric work before this is where we start. Learn the keys to expanding your capacity to feel and sense more and live in a more embodied and connected way. Learn and experience how by using breath, sound,movement and placement of awareness you can clear your system of energetic blockages, leaving you lighter, more present,relaxed and with a greater capacity to feel and receive love and life.

Ecstatic Breath Coaching min 1hr

Breath is an amazing tool for transformation; we can access profound states of bliss and clear emotional energies stuck in our system simply by activating and using the breath consciously. Come and explore the power of breath. Breath can also be a tool for ecstatic pleasure!

Tantra for Men 1.5-2hrs

This process starts with an initial consultation session where I will support you to discover and gain real clarity on what you want to gain through working with me, and whether my services are a match to what you are seeking. If we are a match I will guide you through a mixture of coaching, home practices and bodywork sessions* (working within the code of ethics for Somatic Sex Educators see below) I create a carefully tailored package that best suits your needs and goals. This is a truly deep and profound journey and requires your commitment and dedication if you wish to see change. I humbly enjoy supporting you through this powerful process of self discovery, I ask for a commitment to a minimum of 5 sessions.

Shamanic Healing 2-3hrs ( pre-requisite -Tantra for Men)

During these sessions we dive deeply into the wisdom held in the body, and using shamanic and emotional release tools clear the energetic system and re-align to more pleasure ease and bliss. These sessions can help you to access deep level of trauma held in the body, enabling you to totally re-invent yourself erotically, emotionally and physically.


Deep Immersions:


Take this truly profound journey with yourself, be supported and held to fully blossom into your next stage of evolution. Experience profound break throughs by taking this time and giving your love and commitment to yourself. P.O.A

Session fees:

$160 per hour

Skype coaching sessions are available at $100 per hr

Member of the SSEAA

*Code of Ethics of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia (SSEAA)

Professional members of the SSEAA agree that:

The practitioner’s chief focus and primary ethical responsibility is for the clients’ wellbeing.

The practitioner works to establish a relationship which the client experiences as safe, consensual and fully engaged.

The practitioner works to support the client into their experience of embodiment. When consensual touch is included it is for the purposes of the client’s learning & growth.

During the session the practitioner is fully and consistently at the service of the client’s personal growth

The practitioner commits to their own personal growth, professional development and ongoing self care.

The practitioner is aware of the potential for attraction within the client practitioner relationship and ensures the focus is on the clients’ growth & learning.

The practitioner practices in a way that is free of narcissistic gratifications such as gratifications of authority, power, sensual pleasure and admiration.


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