For those of us who have been on a spiritual quest, maybe those who have gone down the “new age” path to seek greater meaning in life, who maybe even wanted enlightenment, the message was clear it was all about the heart.
serpent goddess
Even those who haven’t been interested in the ‘new age’ route seeing it as flaky possibly, or just not really into self help stuff, maybe your priorities have been elsewhere, wherever you have been, which ever journey you have been on, we all appreciate and know the value of the heart.
Conventional science has taught us that the main role of the heart is to pump blood to all the systems of the body. This definition of the heart is not very accurate. Besides pumping blood, the heart also has an intelligence of its own.
According to neurocardiologists, 60 to 65 percent of heart cells are neuron cells, not muscle cells. This discovery has helped them to develop experiments that have proved the heart works similar to the brain and in some ways is even superior to the brain. This may be the reason why the heart is the first organ to function after conception. Within about 20 days after conception the heart starts to function, but the brain does not function until after roughly 90 days.
Did you know that the human heart is the organ that generates the strongest electromagnetic field of any organ of the human body? In fact, the electromagnetic field of your heart can be measured up to a few feet away from your body. Furthermore, this energy field changes in relation to your emotions.
Because the heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field, the information stored in its electromagnetic field affects every organ and cell in your body. Could this be why the heart is the first organ to function in a fetus? Besides generating the strongest electromagnetic field, the heart has an intelligence of its own, which is why certain neurocardiologists refer to it as the heart-brain or the fifth brain.
Follow the heart is a common phrase that is tossed around, but it is not necessarily easy to enact. Follow the heart means letting deep feelings draw us one way or another without a logical answer or obvious reasoning. Our feelings are what help us to understand the world beyond logic. The heart helps us to understand the world through feelings. This biological electromagnetic field generator allows us to understand each other at the emotional level and beyond, giving us a sense of connection to all things. This emotional connection is what creates bonding between individuals. This feeling of connectedness takes us closer to the spiritual notion that we are in fact all One.
One thing I have found though, from attempting to live a heart centred reality, and following the impulses of my heart, seeking to listen to the intelligence within it, is that it can become quite exhausting. If you are not careful, depending on your conditioning and personality you can end up giving your power away ie: putting other peoples desires wishes and needs before your own. Whilst this is very noble if done from the centred place, you gotta be careful that you make sure you are taking such great care of yourself too along the way!
A key element that many people fail to connect to with wanting to live in a more heart centred way, is how to do this without it being at the expense of your personal power. This is where another major energetic centre comes into play.
The womb……. the womb and heart have a symbiotic relationship. The womb is like the centre of your being, and this goes for whether you are in a male or female body, or if you have had your physical womb taken out for any reason.The womb is the place and the word we use to describe what Chinese Medicine and Qi gong refers to as the Dan tien.
“If our Dan Tien is strong our energy and essence are strong and our spirit is rooted and secure.” ( from
“It is the gravity centre of the body and the inner energy pump.Our heart is the blood pump in our body, and our tan tien the chi energy pump. This centre can be used as a tool, as an inner hand, to make the chi or life energy flow in the body, to concentrate your chi energy, to protect yourself, and to find the right posture.” ( from
Working with my womb-space and cultivating a deep felt sense of the presence of energy there has been foundational part of my life, career, and well being for the last few years.
I have found that connection to this place both in myself and in the people I support helps you feel more safe in uncertainty, help you access greater pleasure in your body, helps you feel more confident, and yes, have way better sexual interactions.
The womb empowers the heart, it works in alliance with the heart. Its like a strong energetic power source that can give you conviction behind what the heart is seeking for you to move towards. It enables you to bring in fierce love, tough love,gives you the ability to stand for what you know to be true in your heart, even when the heart is breaking into a thousand pieces through the trials and tribulations of this human life.
When we connect to the deep primordal power within our womb we can learn to cultivate true fulfilling relationship with everything. The more we access this energetic centre the more we can learn to feel it all, and to not be afraid of feeling, we can actually access who we are beyond this physical body through this , not via consciousness and in the mind but deeply through the body, through relationship with another, through sacred union with oneself and during our sexual interactions with others.
There are seven energetic gates, that we have to pass through in order to access this primal power, each has a particular vibrational frequency when clear that needs to be felt to experience the opening at each gate. There is a corresponding reference point on the physical body, at the genitals, the sacred jewel of our bodies’ for each of the seven portals. They cannot be emotionally or spiritually bi- passed whatever we are feeling at these gates must to be felt to access a real and deep connection with the womb. The gates are keys not just to experiencing greater intimacy and sex with another but also with the whole of life and can be passed through whether you have a physical womb or not, whatever your biology or sex.
If you are keen to learn more about this amazing internal power force and take the journey through the seven energetic gates with me- Then join me at the Luminate festival to take a journey of empowerment for the heart and womb. I will create a space for you to deepen your connection and alliance between these two major energetic centres.
Look forward to seeing you there if you feel this pulling you.