october, 2018

14oct6:00 pm9:00 pmGuided dynamic Womb meditation to access your INNER deepest knowing. The ORACLE in you.

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Join me for an evening for those of us in FEMALE bodies, as we explore this powerful pathway to the WOMB.
This is a guided dynamic meditation to access your INNER deepest knowing.
The ORACLE in you.
In order for the feminine principle, in other words for our radiant, feeling, intuitive nature, to be active in our lives we must walk the path of activating the Womb and thus the FEMININE CENTRE.
In Eastern practices, they call this centre the Hara or Dantian.

You have this energy centre within you whether you are in a male or female body


Being in a female body, however, it is my belief that we have been gifted a very special and unique opportunity to directly access what I have come to experience as ‘The Oracle’.
This ‘Oracle’ is accessed through the womb. Once we have taken the pilgrimage to clear away all doubt that our body IS a sacred vessel, that the body and all of its functions is just as DIVINE and as HOLY as our SPIRIT then we can begin to feel the incredible miracle of being gifted a life in a female form.
There is an energetic pathway, much like the chakra system which opens to us through embodied experience and has physical points in the yoni and through up into the womb.
If a woman is holding fear, shame, grief or guilt around being female, around her sexuality, around any part of her female anatomy then she is unable to feel this connection fully.
Resulting in her feeling ungrounded, unsure of herself, she will experience confusion, emotionality or simply feel numb and unclear, always seeking advice and direction from the outside, never really trusting herself and her own intuitive power.
Why is a woman’s body is special?
Beyond the beauty of the female form which I am not arguing as less exquisite, let’s face it the female form holds so much beauty, but the sacred vessel of a woman’s body also holds another incredible gift and that is that it CAN USHER A SOUL from the other realms onto this Earth.
It is through THE GATEWAY OF HER WOMB, the veil between spirit and matter that the Soul can manifest here.
( if you no longer have a physical womb the energetic pathway is still there.)
That’s pretty special I think that a female body holds this privilege.
It is like having a direct line to ‘Source’ to the ‘Creator’ to the ‘One Spirit in all things’ in the physicality of her body!
Once she accepts that her body is Holy and clears all shame of every expression of her body she embodies the PRIESTESS.
The priestess can then act as a medium through whom the DIVINE can express into the WORLD.
Sex can become a PRAYER
Her creativity can become a communication of incredible wisdom, power, and healing.
Her emotions become her lived experience and transmit the POWER of her feeling intuitive nature instead of a backlog of unmet needs!
Once she (this goes for men too) starts to live from her feminine centre, she can feel grounded and supported by that which created us.
Join me for an evening guided dynamic meditation where we will journey through the shamanic gates of the yoni ( Sanskrit word for all of the female reproductive organs Vagina/ovaries/ and womb) to access and the potency and power of the womb.
This journey is a dynamic process using breath, movement and sound to explore the archetypal energies at each gate, each of which has a physical reference point in the yoni.
Opening and activating the energetic pathway is a powerful way to activate the Oracle in you and will also transform the way you make love if you continue to work with it.
These gates are believed to be the mysterious ‘ Holy Grail’ .
I have been exploring and working with these energetic gates personally for the last five years and also sharing them in my workshops and private practice. I’m excited to bring this work to Tauranga.
Their lineage goes back to the Ancient teachings of isis and the Temples of Egypt
$30 waged
$25 unwaged ( please message me if you are unwaged and simply make a bank transfer to E J wilde 38-9016-0063824-01
Places limited so pre-booking is essential


(Sunday) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Mind your Karma - Retreat and personal Development Centre

390 Ocean Beach Rd Tauranga

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Price: $25.00