My Approach

…and what I offer:

  • My work is mainly focussed with group events these days, my passion is support groups to go deep, let go of social and cultural and ancestral  limiting patterns and conditioning that keeps us small and stuck, I love to support people to rememeber who they really are, and to learn ways to unwind, un-do and fully embrace their power, freedom and authenticity .


  • I do offer a few private sessions throughout the year in the form of DEEP IMMERSIONS These spaces offer a combination of coaching, bodywork demonstrations, embodied meditational practice, and healing/therapeutic body de-armouring work. My methods are Somatic – through the body, using the body as a tool for guidance, information, healing and expansion. This work is powerful and deep and lends itself better to a deep immersive experience rather than a traditional 1 hrs therapeutic model so I work with a format of 1-7 days of one-one personalised, carefully co-created deep immersive experience.


  • Experiential programs, Weekend Retreats, Women’s Retreats, Couples Retreats, and longer ISTA  trainings nationally and Internationally.


  • A wide range educational seminars and workshops for individuals, couples and groups who wish to learn more about the Tantric Path.