Personal Retreats for Couples

This is a beautiful way to dive deep into your personal journey of expansion as a couple.

Re-ignite your passion- for couples

Perfect if you want to invigorate your relationship as a couple. Learn new skills to improve your lovemaking, and connect on a deeper level. Take time away from the hustle and bustle of life, make time for yourselves and experience a deep re-awakening of your passion. The perfect weekend away with the added bonus of professional one on one support and coaching.

Choose between 1-7 days of coaching

I sincerely love to support couples!

Here are some examples of what one-one session work could include

  • Building trust– the importance of agreements, authenticity and transparency
  • Learning to love again, re-igniting passion and trust- Communication, boundaries, listening skills
  • Building emotional intimacy – this is the secret to true long lasting PASSION!
  • Learn tools and skills to bring more depth and understanding to your intimate and sexual lives.
  • Learn how to give and receive Sacred Sexual healing sessions with one another
  • Awakening Ecstasy – The keys to tantric lovemaking for couples.

Deep immersions what are they and what do they include? 

A deep immersion is a weekend/week away in sunny Mount Maunganui you’ll get to have 1;1 personal coaching with me. Plus enjoy valuable time away together to practice and integrate what you learn. This can be done over 1-5 days price includes accommodation, coaching and follow up support!

This is an intensive way to work with particular issues and works really well as you get the breakaway that you need also, and tools, skills and coaching to support the deeper intimacy and connection you desire.

Re-ignite the passion and love in your relationship with this powerful, immersive process.

$1200 per day

Package includes follow up support via email, and zoom call 1 month after the retreat


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