Personal Retreats for Women

Because this is such deep and powerful work the best way to work with me is a deep immersion. These include beautiful accommodation in Tauranga, with healing sessions and a co-created daily embodied meditation practice to take home with you to deepen the work

We will have a chat on the phone first to discern how I can best support you  0210343154 please text me when you are available for me to call you back.

Here are some examples of what a deep immersion with me could include

  • Sexual Healing and Empowerment tools and skills to become more conscious of ways you can help your own healing/empowerment process
  • Yoni massage – a powerful journey to reclaim yourself and your sexuality
  • Shamanic Womb Journey – learn about the power and wisdom of your womb and how to bring this into your love-making.
  • Healing from abuse and trauma

Deep Immersions


Take this truly profound journey with yourself, be supported and held to fully blossom into your next stage of evolution. Experience profound breakthroughs by taking this time and giving your love and commitment to yourself.

$1200 for the wknd


What can session work at a personal retreat include?

Shamanic Womb Journey

Learn shamanic tools to move internal energy blocks through the body and be supported to open to the full power, potential and wisdom held in your womb and yoni. This journey is also relevant for those no longer with a physical womb.

Healing Yoni massage/ Body De-armouring

During these sessions, we dive deeply into the wisdom held in the body, and using shamanic and emotional release tools clear the energetic system and re-align to more pleasure ease and bliss.

Shamanic Rituals, and excursions to wild places in nature often come into co-creation as we journey into what best supports you.

Orgasmic Yoga

Orgasmic Yoga is a mindfulness practice. This means we place part of our attention on our practice and part on our intention to practice.

Intention is a bridge from the present moment to the next moment. Awareness of intention during repeated practice sessions triggers profound changes in prefrontal cortex connected to high levels of wellbeing.

Orgasmic Yoga involves a deep attention to sustained sexual arousal in the body in the present moment, which can be a place of great learning for the student. Masturbation can be a highly habitual and disembodied experience. Orgasmic Yoga is a very effective way to assist people to break free of limiting and unperceived habits and to go deep into their own embodied experience.

We will work together to create the perfect practices to take home to continue your journey of embodiment, awakening and sexual empowerment.




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