Lets get honest here? I’m seeking to be more honest with myself and I am owning the part of myself that has been doing the following.

I’m wanting to grow this part of myself up, to become more empowered in my life, the following kind of behaviour is no longer sitting well with me or serving me in any way.

Thought I’d share, maybe this resonates with you?

How many of you gossip?

Okay so maybe you’ve learnt not to gossip but do you speak about another in a way you wouldn’t to their face?

What is it that is so enticing about sharing your pain about a situation with someone and having it validated?

Are you tempted to slightly exaggerate things in order to make your case stronger so that you will get more validation?

Even if you are not exactly wanting sympathy, is there a part of you that wants someone to join forces with you and make the other wrong and you right on some level?

Its good to check these things.

This behaviour is something the immature feminine in you does, she seeks out and selects her prey, provokes (challenges the other’s opinion reality) colludes (ie tells the story to another) and usually distorts in order to get her side of the story validated.

In spiritual circles we can mask it as,” I’m just processing it so I need to share so that I can work out what I’m feeling and whether I need to take action, or simply how to address the situation inside myself? “ and whilst that may be true, are you also seeking validation for your hurt? for your fears? Possibly somewhere inside of you, you secretly want this person you are telling your story to, to be on your side and make the other wrong, your ego wants to prove itself right, right?

The unhealthy immature masculine within you needs to be right, yes? And the immature part of your inner feminine seeks external validation.

Ask yourself: What’s stopping you from going directly to the person you have the issue with and voice your concern ie: taking it up with them? Or just dropping it completely and seeing beyond the story of it all, coming back to what you are needing and feeling and meeting those needs for yourself.

This is what your mature inner masculine and feminine desire for you. This is what the Divine presence of the masculine and feminine energies within you wants, (your higher self)

Would you like to develop more qualities of the mature masculine and feminine? Would you like to focus and grow more into your higher self?

Would you like to let go of some of the immature qualities that potentially cause suffering, pain or drama in your life?

If so, then if you have an issue or concern with someone, take it to them, don’t collude, honour your highest potential and bring your issue directly to the person/or people involved. Or simply drop it and be with the feelings, and what you have learnt through the experience and put your action into something positive from it all.

Collusion has a seductive nature, it entices you in with all sorts of attractive ways it can make you feel you are just seeking justice. Especially amongst women, it can feel like sisterhood. But there is a dark side to sisterhood and its called collusion.

Move beyond the illusion of needing to be right, drop the need to have your feelings validated and making the other wrong.