Dear Tribe,

We are feeling called to offer a Tribal Gathering before the year is out. To gather, share, empower ourselves, to support one another to truly be who we are in this world!

We have decided to go with the theme SEX , POWER and MONEY !

Each of these areas carries enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy, as well as for integrating & healing our golden and painful shadow aspects.

For many of us the journey into Conscious Sexuality shows ways in which we are not fully claiming and owning our power, we may be still holding onto limiting beliefs around our sexuality? Money and manifestation?

There is another reason for us wanting to gather as a Tribe a more personal one that affects us as a collective Rataroa Retreats is going on the market this week. Rataroa has been a place of healing and transformation for many – offering retreats and trainings over the last three years.

We have cried, screamed, sweated, laughed, orgasmed, talked, shared, hugged, ranted, panted, meditated, ejaculated, shamanicly integrated. Splashed in streams, plunged in pools, ran naked, copulated, gone wild with mud, came down to earth with a thud! A lot has happened in this place for many of us.

We’d love to gather you all here, possibly it’s the last time, we may hold a gathering on this land. We’d love to honour the spirits of the land with you, and send our collective intentions into the ethers for how we can all support this growing field of love here in NZ.

We’d love to share a powerful experience with you all. Regan and myself will guide and hold point for the wknd, scheduled into the program will be time to give and receive session work plus have the opportunity to hang and connect as a tribe. Shamanic processes around Sex Power and Money, Land Journeys, an Orgastic Cacao Dance Ceremony and many more delectable delights!

We’d love for as many people as possible to come so we are doing it at this low price, hopefully then the $$ will not be a deterrent for you all to attend!

We want your support and to come to-gather as a community in this time of change.

Price for wknd : $195 before end October $250 thereafter.

Payments to:
E J Lawler ; 38-9016-0063824-01
or Pay Pal ( please add 4% fee) to

We sincerely hope you can make it .

Price includes accom. excludes food! Please bring yummy food to share for the entirety of your stay!!

*****Please note that if you wish to stay the Sunday evening it’s $25 extra plus you are partially responsible for the final clean/tidy up *****

Love Regan and Ellie