Would you like to deepen your experience of relating?

Have you found yourself frustrated with your relationships and with YOURSELF?

If you are……

  • Tired of Self Help books that say it’s all about affirmations and positive thinking?
  • And you’re ready to embrace the rich intensity of life, by embracing ALL of who you are. …Your dark and light.
  • If you are ready to fully show up as a powerful force in your own life…
  • If you are ready to make a quantum leap and throw away all the out dated ways of thinking and being? then read on…..



I would love to support you to feel more connected, more empowered, more alive, more juicy, inspired, and full of vitality.


I can help you to drop into your body, embrace your sexuality, live in the present moment and thus feel more at ease and engaged in life.


Fundamentally the work I facilitate either one-one or in-group spaces has its roots in Tantra.


What Tantra teaches us is to say YES to life, to open and expand and lean into where we feel that expansion and grace.

  • Tantra teaches us that where we feel contraction in life, either in our minds, bodies or by resisting sensations and emotions – we keep locked in a limited reality.
  • This contraction causes tension which leads to pain and suffering,
  • It also leads to a deadening and dulling of the vitality, passion and sense of aliveness (life-force) moving through us.
  • In order to grow and evolve we need to listen to what expands us, even if it feels scary.
  • To move through life and the experiences it brings, by saying YES to this expansion.

Tantra teaches us also about the dichotomy of life:

  • Our humanness and our holiness,
  • Body and spirit,
  • Naughtiness and niceness,
  • Good and bad,
  • Masculine and feminine,
  • Fear and desire,
  • Sacred and profane

It teaches us to own and integrate our shadow, our fears and our desires, rather than repressing or avoiding what we do not wish to feel or see.

We begin to develop an integrated way of being

This is the pathway to wholeness, self-love and acceptance, powerful love and then ultimately oneness with all things.


Tantra is a spiritual path, and is called the FAST PATH… however; instead of trying to ascend the body and the human experience on the Tantric Path we embrace it, and see it as a portal for our evolution of consciousness.


We explore the body, the emotions, our sexual energy, our fears and desires, as  TOOLS for Awakening, for Self Realization and for connecting us to who we are.


We become alchemists- transforming  all that that is NOT love.

The difference between the Tantric Path and other spiritual paths is that it includes sexuality, rather than trying to ascend it. We learn to LOVE and fully accept ALL that we are, and transform heal and release all that we are not. Our sexual energy is like rocket fuel for clearing away what no longer serves, ie our conditioning, old ways of being, old paradigms and patterns we continue to get caught up in and struggle with.

My definition of Tantric Sexuality

What many people do not realise is that we can use sexual energy for transformation, rejuvenation and healing; not just recreation and procreation.

This energy is life-force : it is power. When we connect to it and explore our pleasure consciously, healing any shame or guilt we may be holding, we can connect to its power.

We start to feel more potent and more alive! Our sexual self-esteem is directly linked to our self esteem. If we are not feeling comfortable and empowered in our sex life, it greatly impacts the rest of our lives. Our sexuality runs through our core, it is our direct line to our sense of personal power. and presence in the world.

Its not that life becomes easier, it feels richer, more vibrant and we learn to LOVE and embrace all its flavours, to let go of our judgments and our clinging to how we think our lives should look.

Many of us are living from a contracted place, society has not molded us into being free.

We have lost our wildness.

Everything is controlled and contained. Especially anything associated with the body, with emotions and with sexuality. It is as if tight ropes are wrapped around the bodies of ‘civilised’ people like a heavy blankets, stopping us from expressing ourselves naturally.

We need to find a way to express the wildness again regularly.

Whether its dancing wildly, singing, making love with sheer abandon whatever lights you up!

There is nothing to HEAL, we are already WHOLE, all we need to do is to LOVE and accept ourselves fully and unconditionally, here and NOW exactly as we are!


To let ourselves be wild and free sometimes.

To do something outrageous often enough so that we don’t lose our spark!

If you would like some help with this, I would love to support you!

What do I offer?


One on one sessions are crafted to suit your individual needs. Following a consultation session to establish your areas of interest, we develop a tailored package, which is totally geared towards you.
You can come to my temple space in Mount Maunganui or you can hire me to come to you for a series of sessions over a few days.


A beautiful way to dive deep into your personal journey of expansion. Deep immersions of 2-7 days are offered. You can either book your own accomodation here in this beautiful spot of New Zealand – Mt Maunganui and book a series of sessions over the days you are here, or for the deep immersive experience stay with me and we will co-create your personalised journey of transformation and empowerment. Or you can hire me and I will fly to you* This is a unique experience that I highly recommend. I have had a great success rate working with people in this intensive and deeply immersive way. P.O.A
* talk to me about this if you are interested.


i have been facilitating my own events plus teaching with some of the worlds top international facilitators here in New Zealand and worldwide; offering events that are at the cutting edge of personal growth and conscious sexuality.

Become empowered, connected to yourself

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